A New Beginning

As the "New Kid on the Block", EGS has set out to make it's mark in the authentication and grading industry. For far too long, the hobby has been dominated by two overpriced, underwhelming grading companies, that have refused to evolve. This realization is what prompted our founder, Kyle to create Evolution Grading Services.

In early 2019, we decided to settle down in San Diego, California. This would now be the home of EGS. After securing our production contract and installing our custom equipment, our production facility is ready to go.  In May, 2019 our development team began working on our retail location. EGS will be able to offer unique on-site grading experiences that the industry hasn't seen. 

What EGS has set out to do is simple: We want to offer true, comprehensive authentication and grading to our customers in a reasonable time frame and at a reasonable rate. We are changing the standard in the industry for security, protection, information sharing, and material technology.

Moving forward, we promise to always provide the best customer service, the best quality product, and the truest grades and authentication in the industry. EGS is a company started by a collector, run and operated by collectors, and designed with collectors in mind. 

"One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than a hundred teaching it." -K. Rockne